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Our Company

We have started Lemon Tree Interior, because we have noticed in the past 12 years that we live in the South of France, how difficult it is to get a nice interior style for your home. If you want an interior in your home that does not consist entirely of the known brands such as IKEA and Maisons du Monde, it is very difficult to find good furniture suppliers in France.

Lemon Tree Interior therefore works together with various furniture suppliers / designers in the Netherlands to find a unique interior that suits your taste.

Using a mood board, we determine the style that suits you, after which we make a rough design of the interior with examples of furniture and decoration. In mutual consultation with you we determine the shopping list for the furniture and decoration. After approval we can organise the transport for you and the furnishing of your house.

"Our mission is to create an interior where you feel comfortable to live and enjoy the surroundings. Because a large part of the year you live outside in Provence and on the Cote d'Azur, we always try to create a connection between inside and outside. This is possible through good use of colors, materials, furniture and lighting".

Our Services

Lemon Tree Interior has 3 standard packages for the styling of your interior. When you need a tailor-made offer for your project, this is of course always possible. Contact us for a free intake! 

1. Style orientation

Are you still doubting in which style you want to decorate your house? We can offer you a style orientation containing the following parts.

  • During this meeting your interior wishes are central and we look together at the possibilities and the budget for your styling project.
  • We determine your interior style by working with different stylesheets.
  • We advise you a color palette for your house.
  • We make you a floor plan for the interior.

 Our standard fee for this service is 550 € (excluding VAT*).

2. Make over plan

If you have just bought a house with interior or have an existing house, and you want to make the interior style suits you more, we can arrange a make over of the house.

  • We determine your interior style by working with different stylesheets.
  • We advise you a color palette for your house.
  • We make you a floor plan for the interior.
  • We determine which furniture to re-use and which to replace.
  • We make you a detailed shopping list.
  • If needed we can arrange the shopping and the decoration of the house but this is offered separately.

Our standard fee for this service is 825 € (excluding VAT*).

3. Rental optimization plan

Do you have a rental villa in Provence or at the Cote d'Azur? We have years of experiences in the rental business and can provide you with an advice on how to optimize your rental income. By giving advice on your in- and exterior furniture and decoration to optimize the rental occupancy and rental price.

  • Rental revenue estimation in current lay-out.
  • Make over plan, see listing above (service 2). 
  • Rental revenue estimation in new lay-out.

Our standard fee for this service is 875 € (excluding VAT*). Home owners who rent their villa by www.qhome.fr pay a special price of 750 € (excluding VAT*)

 *Lemont Tree Iinterior BV is a Dutch Company and the VAT is 21% 


Interior styling by Debby Le-Fèbre

I am your contact person in Provence and on the Cote d'Azur for restyling or a complete make over of your home. We have lots of contacts with different furniture suppliers for indoor and outdoor furniture, so we can adapt the project completely to your taste. We make use of professional suppliers and buy our furniture often directly from the producers, so we can aquire it for lower pices than in an average shop.  Please feel to contact me for more information.

Debby Le Fèbre